Thursday, September 18, 2014

Dude. Let's do this later.

So My Little Guy seems to have inherited my delightful amoxicillian allergy. He's been on it before, but this time around (mild ear infection), he broke out in hives and splotchy red patches all over his body. I called the doctor who recommended Benadryl. I gave him some and it cleared right up.

At that point we didn't connect it to the amoxicillian because he's been on it several times before with no problems. Then my mom told me that my sister's allergic reaction didn't happen the first time she took it, but a couple times later. Apparently Dr. Google concurs that it sometimes takes several exposures to trigger an allergic reaction.

So we wake up today, he's hive-free so I sent him to school and called the doctor to ask about the amoxicillian allergy. They said they can't diagnose him without seeing the hives, which is fair. Problem is there were no hives. I would have gladly pulled him out of school to get this thing nailed down but he was hive-free. Curse you Benadryl and your effectiveness. Doctor agrees there's no point in bringing him in without the hives and we go on with our days.

Noon rolls around and I go to pick My Guys up. Hives! Hives! He has a hive on his face!

I've never been so excited to see a hive on a child before. I called the doctor and they got us an appointment so they could see the hives and we can get him allergy diagnosed.

Problem was that the appointment was smack dab in the middle of naptime, which mean no naps after school which meant my wonderful children were cranky, fussy messes by the time it came to leave for the doctor.

I manage to get them wrangled into the car and we head off to the doctor. Miraculously we don't wait long and the nurse calls us in fairly quickly.

Now, I love our doctor. We chose them based on a friend's recommendation and it's worked out very well. I have pretty much nothing negative to say about them.

What we found out after we started going there was that (now follow along here) the mom of one of the kids my sister went to grade school with is the office manager there. Normally this is no big deal and we say hi and exchange pleasantries (ok, so yes, that is awful - small talk, UGH) and move on with our lives.

But not today. Nooooooooo. Today this bitch follows us into the exam room and starts asking random questions about if my parents are still in their old house, and telling me about her family. Fine, whatever, I can pretend to care in a normal situation, but apparently she feels her small talk is more important than me answering the nurse's questions about My Little Guy's rash/hives.

So I have Mrs. Small Talk chattering on, the nurse is trying to get information about My Little Guy, My Big Guy is looking at pictures on my phone and telling us all what's happening  in them at volume 289473 in the tiny exam room, and My Little Guy is using the exam table like a playground.

I really feel like I deserve a prize for not turning to Mrs. Small Talk and just yelling, "Shut the fuck up! Just shut up! I don't care!" so I could, you know, attempt to medically care for my child.

The the kicker - Mrs. Small Talk tells us to say hi to Yiya.


Oh boy.

My Big Guy looks up from my phone and says, "Yiya died." Mrs. Small Talk looks at me and I'm fighting back tears and tell her, "Yes, Yiya passed away in April."

Then, while the nurse is STILL trying to get her answers Mrs. Fucking Small Talk starts asking me about Yiya.

Ok. I get it. You want to know what happened. You don't mean any harm. I understand that.

But seriously. It's like a fucking circus in this exam room, I'm obviously trying not to cry and YOU JUST KEEP ASKING SHIT.

I finally just gave up and basically ignored her while focusing on the nurse and finally was able to give her the information about My Little Guy's rash/hive situation and Mrs. Small Talk left but dude. Fucking time and place lady. If she had waited and accosted us on our way out it would have been so much better than attempting to have a conversation about where my parents live and who they're still friends with now. Dude lady, you're a mom AND you work in a pediatrician's office! Get a clue! Gah!

We eventually saw the doctor, and yes, it was noted in My Little Guy's chart that he now has an amoxicillian allergy and won't be prescribed that anymore. We grabbed a couple of suckers, said goodbye to Nemo and his daddy in the fish tank, and oh yeah, I ignored Mrs. Small Talk as she said goodbye on the way out. Immature passive-aggressive moves for the win!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Summer Wrap-Up

So it's been about three months since I snarked it up around here. Part of that is just the general busy summer season, but part of it is that I still don't feel 100% myself and am learning to deal with and accept the new reality that my Yiya is gone. Yes, it's been a few months since she passed away, but this is some hard shit to handle and it's rough and it sucks and no, I'm not ok about it yet so you can just shut the hell up asshole.

Uh, sorry.

Any ways, I've reached out for help on that front because my anger has gotten even angrier (scary, I know) and as I said, I'm not myself. We'll see how it goes but I'm optimistic that things will start improving soon.

But let's focus on the fun/funny/weird stuff that's happened this summer shall we? I will use a list, because hey, laziness.

  • We tried going to a new place for fireworks on July 3rd and it was an unmitigated disaster. Over a mile walk there and back (We were told there was ample onsite parking! Ample!). The food vendors ran out of food. The kids area shut down an hour early, just as we arrived (is there anything sadder than watching a 2 and 3 year old watch a bounce house deflate in front of them?). It took us 45 minutes to get home - home is 5.5 miles away. See what happens when you try something new? Lesson learned. Never try new things again. 
  • We enjoyed many an experience with carnies as we went to every local festival that had rides. It was interesting to see how many of them took their jobs, and the safety of the children very seriously (measuring kids, counting tickets, buckling seat belts...) and how many didn't (I think both my kids snuck on a car ride without giving tickets multiple times). And My Little Guy fell in love with a neon blue fuzzy fish that my husband won at a local fest. Because carnies prizes make the best lovies. Dude, I was so scared to clean that thing, I thought for sure it would disintegrate in the washer but he seems to be made of tougher stuff than I thought. Blue Guy, as he's aptly named, lives on. As does My Little Guy's love for him.
  • My BFF and I continued our tradition of running obstacle course races every Saturday in June. It was awesome. Although seriously people, if you sign up for something called the DIRTY Girl MUD Run don't fucking complain that you have to (gasp!) get dirty and muddy. And stop screaming any time mud touches you.
Dirty, filthy girls. And notice my handsome mustache.

  • I went on a Girls' Weekend to Indiana. We stayed in a casino resort that sold us 100 ounces of beer for $15. We had a carb-laden dinner at the Olive Garden. We indulged in a spa day. An older dude who was a total Tony Stark-wannabe bought us drinks and hit on us. We went to an outlet mall. It was pretty much everything you could ask for in a weekend. 
  • I declared it a summer of park exploration and My Guys and I went to every new park we could find in the area. Some were awesome. Some weren't. Some had some weirdass parents there ("No honey, the slide isn't HUNTER green, it's SAGE green." WTF?). We had a great time though and discovered some kickass parks in the area.
My Guys thoroughly enjoyed this park, it was our best find

My husband shares my level of maturity

  • We went on what was (for us) the worst vacation ever to our regular Palm Springs spot- both of My Guys got horribly air sick on all the flights, My Little Guy got swimmer's ear (mmmm expensive ear drops), we all (including our friends who came to stay with us) got this horrible flu that lasted over a week, there was a standstorm that had winds so strong they knocked the baby monitor into the pool and we had to buy a new one, someone stole my credit card and racked up $1,500 in bogus charges (I don't even HAVE an iPhone, fuck spending $600 on accessories for one!), our basement back home in IL flooded while we were gone, our rental car had to be returned cause it had a leaky tire, and we missed Disneyland cause we were all puking. We still had fun though, and their swimming skills REALLY developed while we there.
     Look how happy!

That pretty much brings us up to speed. All in all it was a great summer, and I am NOT looking forward to fall winter. Although, you know, PSL's and football so it ain't all bad.